RoBoard Servo Motor RS-0263
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• Digital servo with metal gear & 2BB bearing
• Torque force: 2.5 @6.0V
• Speed: 0.09 sec/60 degrees
• Max voltage: 6.0 V

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Product Information

The RoBoard RS-0263 is the nano digital servo dedicated for Robotics, with precise-made metal gears and back horn design, the aluminum chassis design not only exudes an exquisite style but helps operating and making your Robot more active. 

  • Micro size digital servo dedicated for Robotics
  • Precise-made metal gears and back-horn design
  • Operating speed (at no load): 0.13 sec / 60o (4.8V), 0.09 sec / 60o (6.0V)
  • Running current (at no load): 60 mA (4.8V), 80 mA (6.0V)
  • Stall torque (at locked): 1.8 kg-cm (4.8V), 2.5 kg-cm (6.0V)
  • Weight: 14.0g




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What's Included

  1. RS-0263 : RoBoard Servo Motor RS-0263





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