About DMP

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Company History


DMP Electronics Inc. (Taipei, Taiwan) function as DM&P Group's sales and marketing center for four major product lines as CD and DVD duplicator, Thin Client and WebCam server and EmbedDisk products. In addition to its general sales and support function, JYC Taipei is also responsible for new product concept and new product development strategy for DM&P Group's multimedia products.


DM&P Group established in 1989, created by a group of embedded System Designers, Manufacturers, and Integrators with extensive knowledge and experience in embedded computer architectures and peripherals.


Prior to the formation of DM&P Group, "Jan Yin Chan Electronics Inc." (Jan-Yin-Chan) was started in 1989 as an Industrial-Controller designer and manufacturer. Influenced by the explosive growth of the Computer industry, Jan-Yin-Chan expanded its businesses and technologies focuses to cover hardware, software & firmware. The expanded technology focuses lead Jan-Yin-Chan into the business of Processor-design, System-On-Chip design, Embedded-SBC/System design and manufacturing, and Multi-media products development.


In 1997, due to Jan-Yin-Chan's explosive business expansion, our board of director reorganized Jan-Yin-Chan into DM&P Group. Along with the reorganization, the board also established a new business structure. Under the reorganized business structure, Jan-Yin-Chan narrows its business focus to R&D and Manufacturing.


The reorganized business structure also included conduit that allows individual business unit to leverage each other's technical resources and expertise. This structure provided strong competitive advantage to DM&P Group.